Our business management solutions aim to build robust, efficient management systems, that will work for businesses of all sizes or startups.

Organization Model

With our consulting solutions, we support clients to build robust, efficient management system appropriate to their strategic directions and current resource capability.

Human Resource Management

We believe human resource is the most valuable asset of a business. That is why with our consulting solutions, we build a complete system with templates and tools to support the optimization and development of human resource.

KPI System

As part of the human resource management system, we support business to build a complete set of KPI which will help to download the strategy into everyday's decisions.
What differentiates our solution from others is that the KPI built by us is the one to be built with practical experience, not from text book or pure literature.

Manual Of Authority

IME Vietnam supports businesses to build a decentralized authority system to help reduce the workload for the CEO, and help enhancing the performance of the management team.

Finance Management System

We support business leaders to set up an organized system for financial management based on Responsibility Center, linked to budget plan and the application of management accounting.

Management Procedure

Learning from the world leading companies and industry's best practices, we help business leader to set up an advanced management procedure that will ensure that all business operations are properly manged, all available resources are efficiently deployed and controlled, and the agreed objectives are to be achieved.

IME Vietnam

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